mgrgr (mgrgr) wrote in shopanime,

Multiple Anime things for Sale!

If anyone is interested, I'm selling a bunch of stuff I no longer want or need on eBay. I'm trying to save up for a bunch of things for my new room that I recently moved into, but as it stands right now I don't have the sufficient funds to cover the things I need or view as essential.

Many of my prices differ, depending on what it is I'm selling. I'm mostly selling books that I've imported from Japan, but among them are some other things like unopened figures and the like. Over time, I'll be adding new things to sell, so please keep an eye out for anything that catches your attention. I'm only accepting Paypal as payment, so there's that to consider before buying anything from me. I'll ship them worldwide, but keep in mind that may cost you a tiny bit extra due to me being outside of the US.
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