Conrad (rakuem) wrote in shopanime,

Wolf's Rain, Fruits Basket and One Piece Japan's merchandising

Sellng from Spain. Price in €.

- Wolf's Rain DVD Japan Edition Vol. 1,2, 9 & 10 (including a special box from vol.1) (NEW)
In Japan right now, 1 Wolf's Rain DVD still are 45€. I'm selling every volume for 12€. THE FOUR FOR 40€ ONLY

Bought from CDJAPAN. Everything NEW.

- Fruits Basket Artbook (NEW/PERFECT CONDITION) -> 22€
- Fruits Basket Character Guide Book (NEW / NEVER OPENED) -> 12€
Both for 30€

- One Piece Shitajiki (If you buy more than 1 thing of my list at the same time, this is a present)

If you want anything, please pm me.
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