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Rare Anime 4 Sale Including Bandai titles & Gundam Titles

Anime 4 Sale & More 11-15-15: Featured: Gundam 00 complete, never played anime legends dvd set, ultra rare "video girl ai", "Vampire Wars" rare movie, "Arc the lad fat box original dvd set", Ranma OVA Far Rare DVD Box Set","Gundam Seed Destinty LE Box Set 1", LE Steelbook blurays and LE Dragonball Z DVD Steelbook, basilisk viridian collection dvd set, black butler season 1 bluray set, tmnt fox box ultra rare season dvd set, broly triple feature steelbook case dvd, and more. *Notes: Gundam 00 bandai america ultra rare complete season 1 and 2 combined dvd set auction, Also have 3 Arcade Fight Sticks, one is listed. 3 Ultra Rare Gundam sets i can ship together and make a combine price and shipping for you, but only message me on ebay, this is an ebay store. 100% Feedback seller for 10 plus years of collecting Fresh brand new listings- Rare Bandai or anime set Gundam 00 Anime Legends Complete Unshrinkwrapped but never played, like new, and another ultra rare Gundam MS Team Sealed Brand New and rare anime works dvd's. *Also listed- Bandai ultra rare oop Gundam Seed Destiny Limited Edition Collectors DVD Box Set 1 (Vol 1-6 DVD's).Brand new-Shamanic Princess - The Complete Shamanic Princess DVD Set, Macross II The Movie, Dragonball Z Original Japanese Official Soundtrack Cd's, Death Note Live Action Official Viz 1 & 2 & 3 movies official dvd set,, Chromed shell regios dvd set, yu yu hakusho bluray, Official Dragonball Z original soundtracks, Shamanic princess dvd set, Macross II movie dvd, and Case closed movie. Vampire Wars, Dark Knight Steelbook set Gundam Wing Movie & OVAS, Ranma 1/2 ova dvd set and movie dvd set ultra rare, Jing King Of The Bandits dvd set,Voltron Land Team DVD Set, Pokemon Movie 3 and 3 Rare LE Steelbook dvd cased DBZ movies, Gundam Seed Destiny Movie DVD Set, Ronin Warriors with original insert, and Blue Submarine 6 box set dvd with special edition external cover, Yugioh Capsules Monsters Part 2, Sailor Moon items like original personally Boogiepop Phantom limited edition collectors dvd box set with 2 original set, Inuyasha the final act set 2 bluray, and Limited Edition collectors box. Boogiepop Phantom collector box sets with 2 original soundtracks being put up on Sunday night. Lots of LE Bluray & DVD Steelbooks. And much much more with always 20 plus items, click link below, i've been 100% feedback seller for 10+ years.
*Full list of items here in the store:
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